Air fryers are another product that are an essential for those who love fried food. If you really love your fried food you do not have to give these up to ensure a healthier lifestyle, you just need the right products to help make them in a healthier way. A range of products are available on the market to cook chips and other fried foods. This is also another alternative to the oven that is quicker and more economical, using far less electricity than a conventional oven.

Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Electric Fryer

The Tefal ActiFry is the one of the best-selling fryers in the UK. A revolutionary product that allows you to enjoy tasty, traditional, home-cooked chips, but at the same time stay healthy and guilt free about what you are eating. This Tefal ActiFry 2-in-1 is the bigger model in the ActiFry range with 50% more capacity than the original ActiFry.

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Philips HD9240/90 Avance Collection Airfryer

Air fryer freature image
The Philips HD9240/90 Avance Collection Airfryer is digitally controlled to allow you to monitor time and temperature as well as using Rapid Air technology that allows you to fry, bake, roast and grill with no need to use oil.

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Breville VDF105 Halo Plus Health Fryer

Breville Halo

Are you looking at eating a healthier diet but don’t want to give up all fried foods? With the Breville Halo+ Health Fryer you can still enjoy your favourite foods the healthy way. Use just half a tablespoon of oil to cook 1kg of fresh chips. Plus, it uses no oil whatsoever when cooking oven chips and frozen foods and you can bake, sauté and roast a whole host of tasty foods.

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If you are looking for a recipe book to get the most out of your airfryer try Air Fryer Cookbook: 112 Tasty And Easy Air Fryer Recipes For Quick And Healthy Meals.



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