Morphy Richards soup maker

The Morphy Richards Saute Soup Maker is the fuss free way to make delicious soup. This Soup Maker is designed to be quick and easy to use. Just prepare and chop your ingredients into small pieces, place them in the soup maker and choose the smooth or chunky setting. The LED control panel displays a countdown that shows exactly how long your soup has left to cook. Its so easy that in 20 – 30 minutes you can make a nutritious, healthy lunch for all the family.

This soup maker comes with a number of nice features but the one that makes it stand out from the rest on the market is the saute function. Simply add onions, bacon, garlic or spices into the jug and saute before adding the vegetables and stock. No need for extra pans, no-one wants extra washing up! The Morphy Richards Soup Maker also features a pause function so you can remove the lid part way through the cooking cycle if you need to add herbs, spices or seasoning. When the lid the goes back on the program will remember the time that is left and finish the cooking cycle. This soup maker even comes with an additional juice function, so you can create delicious, healthy smoothies and juice drinks too.

morphy richards soup makerThe Morphy Richards Saute and Soup Maker has a large 1.6 L jug. You can make enough soup for up to four servings and after you’ve enjoyed your meal its very easy to clean with a non-stick coating. A rinse under the tap, wipe it with a soapy sponge and your soup maker is ready for next time.

This is not just another gadget that will go to the back of the cupboard, instead it will become one of the most used appliances in your kitchen!

A number of recipes are included in the instruction booklet to get you started. You can also download the dedicated Morphy Richards Cook & Create App free from the App Store or Android Play Store.


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Well I did my research and so glad I did, yes there are cheaper soup makers out there but this has to be the best, I love to saute my onions, leeks, bacon and chicken in it rather than using a separate pan and its just all so easy, I’ve never been a soup maker before but I am now, I used recipes at first but now just chuck in whatever needs cooking up and we’ve not had anything yet we haven’t liked although we all have our favourites they all get eaten up, it’s big enough to feed five of us at a time or I cook it up to take to work for a couple of days, were eating so much better now, a must for every family, takes up very little space, easy to use, clean and looks good, makes the house smell fab while in use and so many YouTube videos to help at first too

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