Tefal Cook4MeDo you want to learn how to cook up a stew or a quick easy risotto for all the family? Then Cook4Me+ is the perfect kitchen gadget for you. The Tefal Cook4Me+ one pot multi-cooker is designed to simplify everyday cooking by walking you through one of the 100 built in recipes. So don’t worry you don’t need to be a master chef to use it!

It’s very easy to operate and great for someone with very little or no cooking experience. The LCD interactive screen guides you through each step; what ingredients you need, browning and timings from each step and it even adjusts the ingredient quantities when you chose how many potions you want. It will also keep your food warm once cooked until you’re ready to eat.

With Cook4Me+, it’s easy to prepare home-cooked meals in minutes. It has an extensive library of 100 sweet and savoury recipes, more than 50 of which cook in 15 minutes or less! If you have a specific ingredient, enter it into the menu of your intelligent cooker along with its weight and the Cook4Me+ sets the temperature and cooking time. Once you have built up some confidence using the Tefal Cook4Me+, you might prefer to cook your own recipe. That’s fine too, just use one of the 6 manual cook modes: Pressure cooking, steaming, browning, simmering, gentle cooking and reheating. There’s also a delayed start option in case you won’t be home when cooking needs to begin. A 6 litre capacity is more than enough to cook for the whole family. Both the cooking bowl and steam basket have a non-stick ceramic coating and are dishwasher safe. Having a Cook4Me+ means there is no need for separate pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker all you need is this intelligent multi-cooker to produce mouth-watering, healthy meals for all the family.

My cook4me appI’m not sure if the Bluetooth connected version is for everyone but if you do chose to go with this option Tefal have produced a dedicated App. The free Tefal companion App ‘my Cook4me’ gives you access to many more recipes that can be sent via Bluetooth to the Cook4Me+. The app mirrors the instructions that are normally displayed on the screen so some may find this easier to follow than the small display on the cooker. The app has a few additional features such as the ability to organize and bookmark recipes and a useful shopping list feature.

The Tefal Cook4me+ is a great idea for busy families, enabling you to spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your family.

The standard model is but Cook4me connect is currently on offer and at is definitely the best option even if you don’t use the connect features much.